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The first step of the process of becoming part of our potential Domestic helper family is to send an application. Currently, you can send your resume or Bio Data by either a fax or an email We are working on developing a comprehensive online questioner that will help us match an employer to your preferences and skills. Our email address is [email protected], or you may fax your application to Fax our number is (852) 3520-2170.
Once we receive and review your application our representative will call you. There will be at least two interviews in which we will go over your qualifications to become a a part of our organization, your employment history, and your references. We know that you have an interest in coming to work in Hong Kong, however please understand that it is important to let us know your preferences. Please ask us all your questions and call us if you have any concerns later on. We have an open door policy.
Based on the employers needs and your qualifications, experience and preferences, we will recommend you to several employers. We will provide a telephone interview with the potential Employer even then your in your own country You will become a part of the employer's family. Be honest with your employer, it will be worthwhile!
The employer will sign an employer-employee contract as well as the.We will then complete the required process and provide you with the papers required for your application for a work permit. The designated Consulate will follow its process and arrange for all the document executed.
At International Family Domestic Helper we recognize that the caregiver will require support and guidance, and we would like you to feel that you may always turn to us in case you have any doubts or questions. We know that it is not easy to come to a new country, leaving your loved ones behind.
We will pick you up from the airport to ensure a smooth welcome and transition.
We will personally attend your first day at your new home with you in order to ease your transition (permitted that the employer is in agreement). We will also get you up to speed in training will include: appliances operations, schedules, various meals preparations and cleaning.

Honest and Loyal relationship between both the family and Domestic will make the relationship a success!